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‘Inspire You’, has been established to support children from different backgrounds in the UK and under-privileged children across the world

Our programmes, based on the five ways to wellbeing, encourage good citizenship among children and young people, by helping them to form good characters whilst training them in habits of enterprise, self-reliance and lawfulness

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Why We Exist

Poverty Is The Single Greatest Threat To The Wellbeing Of Children And Young People.

There are currently 3.7 million children living in poverty in the UK. That’s over a quarter of all children. 1.7 million of these children are living in severe poverty. In the UK, 63% of children living in poverty are in a family where someone works.

The statistics are shockingly higher in Brazil with 11.5 million children aged between 0 - 6 living in poverty in 2006. This figure has steadily increased.

There were also 4.2 million children aged 15 – 17 living in poverty in the same year.

Poverty affects every area of a child's development - social, educational and personal.

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